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Swindon Croquet Club History

The Storey concludes....


The number of members seems to have hovered around the 30 mark over the years, and a feature of press reports has been a plea for more members and an assurance that the game is ‘not just for toffs’!

Fees started at £10 per annum, but were raised to keep pace with inflation through £20, £40 and then £50 to the present £98.

Moving On

One lawn was really too small for the club and Lydiard wanted to reclaim the lawn in front of the house, so in 1996 the Club moved to its present location in Moredon Playing Fields. At the time the press described the site as ‘two magnificent full-sized lawns of international standard, and a small practice lawn’.

A small shelter was built alongside, but this was not strong enough and it was replaced by the present ‘Green Room’ which can be used for shelter and storage. The club can also use the facilities at the nearby pavilion..

Simon Coombs MP, Mayor Bert Smith, Martin Pitt Club Chairman and John Solomon, President of the CA

1990 Newsletter Extract

The ‘get togethers’ during the winter months of last year were very popular and we have arranged similar gatherings each month during the closed season.

Community Events

The club has always been strongly involved with the community and is represented at most local events, as well as entertaining the Blind Club, Stroke Club and other local groups.

If any old members are still out there and read this they would be most welcome to join us, either regularly, for an occasional game or just for the birthday celebrations, whatever they turn out to be.

By Mary Bedells with invaluable help from Cliff Cardis, John Airey and the Club’s old scrapbook.