Guidance for playing during the COVID19 Pandemic

The UK government has begun to ease lockdown restrictions in England and is encouraging sport to be played in a safe manner. The Croquet Association has issued guidance to clubs to adapt to their own needs.
Swindon Croquet Club has decided to open for restricted play, taking into account that the bulk of our membership is in the ‘vulnerable’ group of people aged over 70.

The following rules will apply until further notice:

The Green Room will be open to access equipment
Hand sanitiser and wipes plus a disposal container will be available in the Green Room. When booking a lawn please read and follow the advice given on equipment cleaning.

The Club Room is closed and its facilities are not to be used.
The only exception will be for emergency use of the toilet. A hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes are available in the toilet. Please wipe down the toilet seat, flush handle and door handles on leaving and dispose of the wipes in the bin provided in the Green Room. DO NOT under any circumstances flush the wipes down the toilet as they will block the sewage pump system.

Players should use their own mallets. If using a club mallet then this is to be retained and returned to the Club at the end of the pandemic. Please notify either John A or Neil if you have taken a mallet

Play can only take place through the online booking system. Sessions may be booked for games and practice (even a single person practising must use the booking system). Roll-up sessions are NOT allowed and spectators/visitors are FORBIDDEN

Everyone MUST maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING at all times. Two metres separation is the length of two croquet mallets end to end

Only full lawns will be available – no half lawns
Up to a maximum of 4 (four) players allowed on a lawn – NO DOUBLE-BANKING

Play can only be for the following:
GC singles
GC doubles
AC singles
AC doubles

All players must keep 2m apart at all times unless they are in the same household

For AC, you should bring your own chairs.
DO NOT USE Club chairs
Hoop clips should not be used. Players should keep the score and exchange information. This will be difficult for AC but nevertheless we can try to manage
Bisques for AC should not be used. Again, players should keep careful score

DO NOT HANDLE the balls. Balls should be moved and positioned with the foot. For AC, this may be difficult and so it is strongly RECOMMENDED to play using gloves for both AC and GC

Face masks may be worn if desired
NO SHAKING HANDS before or after a game – at most an elbow nudge will suffice
No corner flags or offside markers to be used


 Follow all government and NHS advice. Hygiene is important and regular hand washing is vital.
DO NOT go to the Club is you are feeling unwell. Consult the COVID19 Helpline
If tested positive you or a relative should inform John A. the Club Secretary IMMEDIATEL