Lawn Booking Rules

  1. During Covid-19 the following advice is for all Lawn bookings which members are asked to comply with.
  2. You can only book or be booked in at 1 lawn per day.
  3. No more than 4 members can be booked into a Lawn.
  4. You cannot swop members between lawns in any booked session.
  5. One member only from each booking should be made responsible for the equipment. Disposable gloves, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitiser, and a bucket are available in the Green Room.
  6. The responsible member should:

a. Put in all the hoops for the lawn and place the balls on the lawn.
b. On completion of the session they should remove all the hoops and balls from the lawn.
c. They should wipe down all hoops with the antiseptic cloths provided.
d. All the balls are to be washed in clean soapy water in the bucket provided. There is an outside tap on the end of the Club Room. The bucket should be emptied into the grass container behind the Green Room.
e. The mallet and hoop puller should be thoroughly wiped down with an antiseptic wipe.
f. On closing the Green Room retain an antiseptic wipe, put all the other disposable items used into the bin provided.
g. Use an antiseptic wipe on the Green Room door handle and wipe the two padlocks before putting in place, and wipe the locking handle.
h. On leaving the Lawns wipe down the outside tap and the pedestrian gate handle on the inside and outside.
i. Take home the disposable gloves and wipes you still have and dispose of them safely.